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— Happy New Year to all —

It’s a violation of the 1st Amendment even if Twitter WANTS to help the Feds censor us

“The government censored you because of your hate speech” is not a justification

Who’s the villain? Big Tobacco or Big Pharma?

I’m temporarily suspended for the fifth time. 🤦

Short video on Changizi versus HHS, our First Amendment case against the federal government

Censorship ensured there was not informed consent

A telling exchange between @DrNeilStone and me

The Vicious Vilification Censorship Cycle

Speech is a liability, not a privilege

The Science Moment series restarts in Miami

Gossip is the cure to censorship

Cato supports our First Amendment lawsuit

The war today is not about the truth; the war today is about the truth-finding mechanisms upon which society relies

The First Amendment is Collusion Protection

7 supportive amicus briefs for our First Amendment case against the Feds for censorship via social media proxy

Newsweek talks about our First Amendment case

Still no let up on censorship at Twitter

Ilya Shapiro of the Manhattan Institute backs our First Amendment case in City Journal

Neuralink and Human 2.0

Our First Amendment case against the Biden administration is now under appeal

A second amicus brief in support of our First Amendment case against the federal government

The best ideas are the most ridiculous

Our First Amendment case is under appeal…

The spectacular failure of academia during Covid

Just got to my new home in Miami

Moving to Miami!

Did you know that I’m the scientist behind the discovery that pruney fingers are rain treads?

Free expression is the intellectual war of our generation

Abir Ballan and the “Think Twice Censorship Campaign”

Why there are always gray areas

Sex can both be too complex to define, and binary

American Council on Science and Health takes up our First Amendment lawsuit, Changizi versus the Department of Health and Human Services

Without freedom of expression how could we humiliate our opponents?

WIRED Magazine won’t do a video shoot with me because of my vaccination status

I appeared on the Ewan MacKenna show

If you had the chance to implement your ingenious scheme to make the world better, but it would require violating civil liberties en masse, would you?

The people who pushed to censor you are angry you weren’t censored even more strongly

My first lost job opportunity due to being unvaccinated

Some ways to conspicuously signal your ungovernability

The real value of owning Twitter is THIS

Why Twitter is so dramatic, and why that’s good

Three Moments on why No to emergency declarations

Can something as big as Twitter be a public square?

Three broad classes of political argument: utilitarian, libertarian, and explanatory

A public square with fact checkers is like a free market with centralized planners

My appearance at NCLA’s panel discussing free expression and our First Amendment lawsuit

I appeared in the first hour of Chasing Dissent’s election show.

Don’t just be ungovernable. Be conspicuously ungovernable.

Mute, don’t block

Free expression is much MUCH more than being free to say stuff

The Censorial Left Today at Twitter

The clear rise in Twitter suspensions of Team Reality due to Biden’s censorship

Vote Democrat: Give medical authoritarianism a human face

Guiding principles to voting in the time of medical authoritarianism

Why don’t those in the Covid Cult see the unprecedented civil rights violations they’re responsible for?

Censorship destroys not just their voices, but their livelihoods

How big should tweets be?

The Left believes free expression is authoritarianism, and if you tell them this, they feign complete denial

Emergency declarations are unethical even if voted upon

“Trump was an authoritarian!”

First Amendment violations by the Biden administration are finally being covered by mainstream media

Is it ‘mass hysteria’ or ‘mass formation’?

Full text for “How the Right Became the Left and the Left Became the Right” by Ross Douthat, NY Times, 11/2/22

There’s only two things a mask now signals

Looking back, my April 2021 piece on free expression at The Federalist was exactly when the Biden administration began censorship by Big-Tech-social-media proxy

New Twitter appears to grasp free speech

Why is music that haltingly stops and starts so jarring?

Highly supportive amicus brief from the Atlantic Legal Foundation for our First Amendment case

We disproportionately use animated gifs in order to emotionally express

No face, no entry.

No. We’re not accepting apologies for interventions that would be unethical even if they had worked

Yes, the treatment of the unvaccinated has obvious similarities to the Holocaust

Musk is in, and the absence of anti-lockdowners demanding censorship of their opponents

“Doing battle” is the only ethical alternative to censorship.

I'd do more to speak out for Iran, but the irony is that the U.S. government censors me, which is a national embarrassment

Artists know that skin is actually deeply colorful

Tricentennial and the state of free expression

You already “get” why counter steering works

“I agitated for violating informed consent for every human on Earth but anyone who points out that one of my fellow medical authoritarians got Covid in spite of the medication is evil.”

“Wear it down low then. It doesn’t have to be on your mouth or nose.”

May 15, 2020, thread on the many misconceptions that fed Covid hysteria

The Abortion Playlist!

Color vision isn’t about seeing colors, but about seeing color differences

Face masks are censor bars

Commentary on Bill Maher’s discussion of the interventions’ collateral damage

Those who support authoritarianism rather than admitting they’re too weak to resist

Hearing Expressly Human

11 reasons not to take a med

What is rhyme to your brain?

Doing the right thing is for its own sake, but it will also globally pay off in the long run

A little music and joy as thanks to all those who have subscribed to my Science Moment series or to my markchangizi substack

Why does music make us feel?

The meso scale visual world that LASIK blinds you to

The “vaccine injured” include MANY more than those actually injured by the vaccine

Medical personnel can better read patient signs when patients wear nude colored gowns

Be more immune to collective hysteria by being … aloof

If you supported censorship, “But I was misinformed” doesn’t excuse your behavior

Illustrating the emotional expressions that mask cover over

Perceiving the unperceived

Non-Obvious Nominated

Masks have no place in the courtroom

Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta, Canada, on the atrocious treatment of the unvaccinated

Piers Morgan: “But my prejudice against the unvaccinated was totally justified by The Science!”

In 2021 they were close to carrying out unvaccicide

Face masks are disproportionate handicaps for foreigners

Five recent episodes of my Science Moment series on the Iranian protests

What doesn’t matter tells you what matters

Why social contagion is much more transmissible than respiratory viruses

Private companies have rights …to do as the government demands

The Vision Revolution Iran

Hijabs, hair and human identity

The trouble with face coverings is that they cover our f***ing faces

There can’t even possibly be down sides to wearing a mask, they said

Much of the good stuff comes from decentralized processes. And, what’s up with my avatar?

With not-permanent-suspension like this, who needs permanent suspension?

The revolution will be feminized

Emotional expressions are inside most of the things we love, not just faces

Free expression is THE mechanism by which we discover the truth

They told us they were censoring us, and that makes it radically more dangerous

Breaking the ambiguity of shadows

For civil liberties for Iranians, no referendum is morally required

Podcasting the fight for the First Amendment

Medical doctors know even less about free expression than medicine!

Excerpts from my day with Lunch & Law at NCLA

Language is built from the mimicked sounds of solid objects

Three Moments on Freedom for Iran

2020 taught us that Iran is not a “distant culture unappreciative of freedom.”

Our mandates undermined our ability to support the Iranian people’s freedom of dress

On opaque objects and the evolution of writing

Stopping young behaviors “cuz I’m older” is the path to getting older

Iranians would never say, “fReEdOm”

3D movies completely miss the point of binocular vision — implications for Hollywood from one of my discoveries in vision

The most dangerous emergencies are perceived emergencies

Are you reading a malicious site?!

Two Science Moments on the subtle ways in which face masks affect hearing of the masked and the listener

No, politics isn’t rocket science — it’s much more complicated

Did the world just learn from Iranian protestors that morality police and government censorship are bad?

I’ll be appearing on a First Amendment panel with NCLA on Sept 29 in DC

The pandemic is over, so why are the “Covid misinformers” still censored?

Three videos on things that make us blind to the health of others

Facebook admits coordinating censorship with Feds

That time the world fought a totally imaginary foe

Actual video of the “experts” distancing themselves from their support for lockdowns

Too many confuse courage with authoritarianism

Rise in falls suspiciously time-locked to masking, as I predicted in my very first Covid Moment in November of 2020

It’s not about the deaths. It’s about the lives (not) saved.

Benefit Analysts

My favorite folks are the ones who missed the boat and then became radicalized to compensate

The people who mistake authoritarianism for courage

I’m on the side of logic and science, no matter who I piss off

The First Amendment is not just the most important, but the most fragile

Why does evil never know it is?

“Today we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say“

Say it’s dumb IMMEDIATELY

Being caught up in collective hysteria, groupthink, social contagion, etc. is no excuse

That Italian music video that illustrates righteous movements

“‘Conspiracy theory’ is not a thing because the CIA coined the term!”

You’re angry at my righteous coercion?!

Just two weeks to save the Queen!

Conspiracy theories and the difference between probability and likelihood

We must end the notion that an emergency justifies violating civil liberties

The secret about where to sit to best attract him or her

The more authoritarian the demand, the more it is perceived as justified

Getting smarter

Can emotion augmentation sunglasses actually be a thing?

Did we really spend two years arguing that human faces might be important?!

Freedoms even libertarians say No to, like suicide contracts and censorial social media

Intelligent design and the mistaken confidence of evolutionary biologists

Covid transformed political debate firmly into Up versus Down, that is, freedom versus authoritarianism

Why our photos, TV screens, and movies are not truly in full color

2002: Torture. 2020: Health

The blind spot behind fact-checkers, socialism, conspiracy theories & intelligent design is emergent phenomena

One of the underappreciated joys of motorcycles is their weightlessness

Queen Elizabeth and patriotism in the flesh

The evolution of binocular vision, seeing yourself, and how masks partially blind you

We could feel the government censorship by March of 2021

Exercise makes you…smarter

The genius behind your grip

The Secret Sauce in Language and Music

“There’s no censorship because I’m not hearing from anyone censored.”

The people saying “Free speech has consequences!” want no consequences

Important thread on the extent of government direction and coordination of our censorship over the last 1.5 years

When they say, “No one has a right to spew without consequences.”

I appeared on 21st Century Wire with Patrick Henningsen, recorded in my front yard

Stop comparing lockdown deaths to Covid deaths

The whole point of the mass hysteria hypothesis is that it dispenses with conspiracy theories, and two reasons folks like conspiracy theories

The Quarter Millennium Moment

It’s buffoons all the way up

Stop using the word ‘capitalism’

Dam breaks on Fed censorship

Auditory illusions, faster than light, and making electric cars louder

The members of a collective hysteria are not hysterical, or crazy, or mad, or….

Conceptual frameworks drive what we believe

My two-part appearance on Diffusion Science Radio

Loofs of the world unite!

The principles underlying how The Science changes

Religion, Carl Sagan, human evolution, masks and more

You can’t talk your way out of perceptual illusions

But if it were TRULY an emergency can we THEN suspend liberties?

The anti-Lockdowners in a nutshell

The mainstream media abhors censorship only when it’s censorship of its own narrative

Our civil liberties don’t depend on data

Lockdowns were never common sense

Will ladies look like the female CrossFit champions if they do enough CrossFit?

No, lockdowns were NOT ever common sense

Eye Computer

The public policy experts still have the Precautionary Principle upside-down

How to respond when they say, “But Twitter can censor because it’s a private company.”

“I support free expression except for dangerous speech or lies.”

They’re not lying

“Twitter is a private company and so can censor as they wish”

My grandma died of Covid in January 2021, and I blame — wait for it — no one

With defenders of free speech like this, who needs censors?

The best theories are the ones agreeing with me

Color vision is an empath sense

Religious inoculation?

Red hysteria herrings

The interventions in a nutshell

Don’t forget to give us your Amazon review of our new book, Expressly Human

Stop blaming China for our stupidity

Why we remember the Holocaust

Societal-level evil looks like THIS

Whether the mass hysteria was planned misses the point

Fairly sure the next one will be permanent

Three things they could have done to avoid mass hysteria and the harmful consequences

The real enemy was never a virus

Final day of my most recent 7-day suspension at Twitter

Whether you were on the Left or Right, Covid should have made you a libertarian

The Road to Mass Hysteria

Our parents actually taught us that being caught up in a collective hysteria is no excuse

Brilliant Twitter thread recording the irrational hatred and prejudice of the “unclean” unvaccinated

Survival Games done, and we placed third

Finished Day 1 of the Survival Games

The social narratives that shape us.

4000 thanks

Blame the sheep

Former Twitter CEO is against CCP authoritarianism, yet promoted CCP-like authoritarianism

With election protection like this, who needs a coup d'etat?

Social media will democratize the marketplace of ideas, they said

Twitter 7-day suspends me (again) for quote-tweeting my naughty tweet from two weeks ago that led to a 12-hour suspension

If your mind changed on the interventions because you perceived the science to change, then you’re still not on Team Reality

Signs you’re in a collective hysteria

The forces of mass hysteria aren’t bottom-up OR top-down

Our incorrect science justified banishment, but it changed, so...

It’s mostly well-meaning all the way down

With help like that, who needs evil?

Witches and the tendency to interpret emergent phenomena as designed by intent

Takes some gall for @jack to have said this unironically

A rundown on Twitter censorship

Did you see me on MSNBC messing with Dylan Ratigan?

For those curious about my avatar art

Twitter has suspended me yet again. Another 12 hour one.

Surprisingly, YouTube monetized me

One factor in the 2020 Covid hysteria was an utter lack of proportion

The Periodic Table of Emotional Expressions

That masks are deeply uncomfortable suggests they’re harmful

Being culpable for mass hysteria doesn’t mean they (impossibly) purposely engineered it

“I blame shadowy figures rather than my politicians”

“CDC told Big Tech to censor COVID claims now debated by mainstream scientists, documents show”

In response to a “progressive” academic on Facebook

A signature of collective hysteria is both bottom-up AND top-down causality, and Ben Irvine’s book, The Truth about the Wuhan Lockdown

Violating civil liberties IS society’s greatest emergency

The merit of the lone voice

These are the CDC / social media links you were looking for

My first Covid “friends” were Communists

The Feds, Twitter and YouTube are successfully keeping me unmonetized

Just as we try to avoid one Covid intervention harm…

I appeared on Shrink Rap Radio talking about why we are the way we are!

You’re emotionally expressing even when you’re not showing emotions

Trigger warning: Our new book, Expressly Human, is not peer reviewed!

My new book with Dr. Tim Barber appears tomorrow!

Never forget bubble etiquette!

We’re disgusted by eating bugs, except for the bugs we eat

The world of alcohol is one of the wonders of cultural evolution

You internally generate the world you see around you

The unvaccinated are the heroes of the last two yeas…

On seeing the (near) future and why we see illusions

We don’t merely listen to music, but internally generate it in our heads

The battle over civil liberties is multi-generational and never ending

Can we add tech to cash making it even better?

The real Covid debate is not what you think it is

Expressly Human is now an Audible book

The “simple” lockdowns we shoulda done

If they can’t out-argue head scarves, what makes us think we can out-argue “scientific” face masks?

Signed copies of Expressly Human

Civil liberties are FOR the scary emergencies

It's never utilitarianism versus libertarianism

Why we demand free expression for our opponents even though they do not

The remaining mask minority

You’re using turn signals incorrectly.

Finally @TwitterSupport admits they have labeled my account “Sensitive content” because of Covid

As they attempt to bring back masks yet again, they reveal how wrong they have been

Why we have emotional expressions: a summary from Expressly Human

Censorship is justified for my opposition. The case of the Georgia Guidestones.

The extreme stances on abortion are absurd by design

Is your argument on abortion a logical fallacy?

Bun in the oven

Abortion and the Hubris of Knowledge

“There’s no down side to erring on the early side, and banning abortion completely.”

I appeared with permanently-Twitter-suspended Patrick Henningsen on Sunday Wire

Abortion and the sorites paradox

I was on Grok Science talking about our new book, Expressly Human: Decoding the Language of Emotion

The abortion debate, like all societal level debates, evolves “virtue positions” that are absurd by design

Never trust big fish in small ponds

The blinders and blunders of narrow expertise

Big business that’s big government is totally AOK.

Why you shouldn’t be allowed to delete your posts

Hanging Chad

Expressly Human just got physical

Our color vision is an emotion sense

Your brain and the designer-less design found in city highway networks

Why are old people always appalled at the younger generations?

We’re transparent bags of mostly water

Seeming coordination is the hallmark of collective hysteria

Author copies of Expressly Human have arrived!

Take over governments? Maybe. Create a new fanatical religion? No.

Your favorite 20 Science Moments

Missouri also suing the Feds on First Amendment grounds

Birds have an extra dimension of color

Sociocultural evolution is past the many-different-little-experiments stage

If you listen very closely, you can hear that, in addition to their screams, each is managing to eke out the words…

A parable about sheep

Evil done well is decentralized

How movements can be victims of their own success (such as the trans community)

Expressways provide a hint of how we communicated before language

What amounts to evidence that the Feds are coercing Big Tech social media to censor?

Brain Games host Jason Silva with my book, HARNESSED

My continuing trolling of Twitter Support for why they have labeled my account “sensitive content”

The Left’s unhealthy antipathy toward evolution

Why censoring non-consensus voices practically guarantees collective hysteria

The Right is cool now with homosexuality and trans so how about we push trans-in-sports and drag-shows-at-elementary-school-assemblies?!

Find me on the Shaun Newman Podcast

Why we can show off our wealth, but not our reputation

Where are we going, as a species?

Only academics can be this unethical and stupid

Free expression is the life blood of society. More than a vague analogy

Without masks, the hum of life is back on airplanes

Free expression — and reputation — is the life blood of society

What’s the difference between censorship and memory-holing?

Twitter Treats Me Like a Pornstar

I wonder if confining people to their homes might actually augment spread?

If your breath is deemed violence…

Lockdowners are now saying they weren't

Covid should have made you a libertarian

Psychiatrists, psychologists, freedom fighters, and artificial intelligence experts on EXPRESSLY HUMAN

Twitter replies, and I re-reply

How many people does my censorship damage?

Twitter admits that they did indeed label my account “Sensitive content”

It may be crazy, but it's predictable

Why, Yes, I DO want to protect the most vulnerable!

Dangerous Rhetoric 2

Fire-breaks and fascism-breaks

Vaccinate, but then activate!

Dangerous Rhetoric I

Smart Freedom-Respecting Epidemiologists Love My Books

Pistachio the parrot and a moral about good relationships and free expression

Take your pick: Free expression or violence?

Why We Feel Naked Without a Mask


Are Bots Bad for Free Expression?

It’s the Us, Stupid

What It Means to be Human

The whole point of the Precautionary Principle is to protect us from ourselves

The dangers from centralized censorship are not what you think they are

The organ donation metaphor for the lockdowns

Keeping score

No WAY! Face masks are harmful for breathing?!

Never forget: Doing *nothing* would have been much preferable

Does the internet really never forget?

Reputation. Is. Everything.

I'm young, face-masked and authoritarian

Religious folk talk funny

Feds threatened. Big Tech did as asked. But… coincidence

My interview with Sonia Elijah

More coverage of "Changizi versus the Feds"

Our emotionally expressive book about emotional expressions

Should everyone have to be non-anonymous on Twitter?

What Covid hysteria did to the developing world

Critique rather than demanding a retraction

Hysteria deaths, neglect and loneliness

Social credit systems aren’t bad. CENTRALIZED social credit systems are what’s bad.

Preliminary injunction hearing over

Why doesn’t Elon Musk help the poor instead of saving free expression?

Big government is stupid and China’s government is absolute diabolical genius

Government censorship has never been this brazen (in the U.S.)

Elon Musk, and why don’t we all just ditch Twitter for another social media site?

The Conceptual Framework that Turned the World Covid Crazy

We understand the Covid hysterical better than they understand Covid

If it’s a pandemic, why is everyone avoiding the hospital?

Fighting for freedom requires academic independence

Government / Big Tech social media coordination

How masks further socially quarantined the deaf

Movements move on their own, and “leaders” are often their passengers

Human groups aren't all bad

China and how more centralized censorship brings about deeper and longer mass hysteria.

Our First Amendment Lawsuit Covered at UncoverDC

Support free expression, fight masks, and stick it to Amazon

Face masks and their many dimensions of psycho-societal harm

Why did it seem like everyone LOVED face masks?

Covid Infinity

101 Damnations


“Why would Elon Musk spend $43 billion to save free expression rather than spend it on hunger?”

What exactly IS libertarianism?

Remembering what they did is crucial to how free expression functions

If China did this to us, why do they keep showing us some of the most frightening sights the West has seen?

Eric Feigl-Ding reports on the horror of China’s lockdowns without irony

Et tu, YouTube?

Don’t Miss Bad Cat

The First Amendment as a brake on the spread of collective hysteria

Michael Senger is now on Substack

Censorship hides the crazies

Why, again, are we called Team Reality?

Two years on, WHO realizes maybe it’s an aerosol

Free expression is not about the big dramatic Lincoln-Douglas debate

The face is evolution’s TV screen

Those Who Do Not Learn Evolution Are Doomed To Wreck It

"Should this account be allowed to happily continue to express itself?!"

Changizi versus the feds going down on April 26 in federal court

Mark on Coffee and a Mike

Why do deaf people show so much emotion on their faces when talking?

Don’t try real life trolley car problems or you’ll kill someone

Covidism is dangerous for all the same reasons nationalism can be dangerous

The Covid pandemic was a litmus test

Collective delusions with almost no one in them

The Oscars Spokesperson TOS

“tHeY’rE a pRiVaTe cOmPaNy!”

Lia Thomas, the trans woman swimmer, and perceptual illusions

Network position of aloofness, belief in civil rights, and… having experienced it for yourself

Trans in womens’ sports is a thing in spite of practically no one supporting it

We have taken legal action against the federal government on first amendment grounds

Media official admits government control

The feds are violating my first amendment rights.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo on "these things" inefficacy

If we censor our enemies slowly they won’t notice!

Mask off: the dam of fear broke

Smoking gun on government censorship

This is what it feels like when folks in a mass delusion tell you crazy sh** for two years

Key Points on Masks

It's a "virtue position," absurd by design

Airline pilots sue to end airline mask mandates

Totally not the vax

My first mass hysteria was the Iran Hostage Crisis

When dark forces arise, you stand up

Disinformation eventually extinguishes itself

A confluence of crazy

No, this is not symmetrical

How do face masks handicap our sense of smell?

How do we handle DISinfomation?

The narrative is marching along, ever less interested in free expression

Some of the shitty things about academia

Now at 101 Videos in the Endless Covid Hysteria Season of my Science Moment series

“I’m against censorship except for misinformation”

My Twitter feed

Some proportion on public policy experts who lack it

To block or not to block.

This is 53 and unvaccinated

Masks hinder all your perceptual equipment

Doctors waking up

Masks block our evolutionarily most ancient and important “hand”

Deafen the intolerant censors

Covid and the captain who blamed passenger deaths on water

New paper: Face masks impede vision

How moral panic makes civil rights violations invisible

If our interventions failed it’s because not everyone virtued hard enough!

How am I different from the typical academic?

A big picture on jabs

No, free expression is NOT authoritarianism

Trudeau: Governments allowing free expression are authoritarian

Pretty little medical practice you got there

That the interventions don’t work is a feature, not a bug

The Argument Against Big Tech Censorship


Censorship — It’s Personal

Mass hysteria bleeding into family court

Signs they’re in a mass delusion

On illusions and seeing the near future

The ship captain who blamed his passengers’ deaths on drowning

The reason for manual transmission is not what you think it is

When SNL is making fun of Karens, there’s a sea change

Scathing Letter to the FDA from Personal Protective Equipment Experts

What's Next, After Humans?

Iranians have already seen this movie

Doing nothing would have been preferable

Face masks and private parts

Free expression is much MUCH more than free expression

What rights violations?

Different century, same psychosocietal phenomenon

The people screaming “Is it peer reviewed?!” are those pushing for censorship

Why are they intent on believing in masks?

The worst kind of banished people are those that honk

Ten signs you’re intellectually lost

I see blood

The four-dimensional space of emotional expressions that masks block

Four reasons why you have trouble hearing those wearing masks

A slightly younger me talking evolution and CrossFit

100 million more people living in extreme poverty

Why face masks partially deafen the wearer

A sea change in vax skepticism?

A Communication from Europe

Face masks ruin the beautiful and the blushes

Don’t let them twist utter failure into success

It was a masquerade all along

If you’re just not that into civil rights, be brave enough to say so

Justin Trudeau is only now declaring an emergency

Why they bizarrely believe there have been no civil rights violations

If I were a virus

Expressly Human an audio book

On anonymous freedom fighters

A threefer on how not to protect the frail

My Orwellianisms are anti-Orwellian!

Freeing the world’s emotional expressions

YouTube is allowing only asymptotic subscriber growth

They walked among us

Don't Look UP

This is not cute, it’s scary

Words without emotions versus emotions without words

Cancel THIS!

How the psychology of face masks pushes people to wear them

Censorship is personal

We need a word for when someone is given medication without informed consent and then dies because of it

Why face masks create the illusion that everyone totally loves masks

Video from an Iranian-Canadian lawyer

Stop Big Tech Censorship: Anti-Discrimination Writ Large

Fighting words

But who's going to rescue us from the rescuers?

Covid hysteria has led to a fear of socialization even for those not in the hysteria

My appearance on Lions of Liberty

What exactly do masks do to the perception of a face?

Whoopi’s big picture point is correct

The White House has an opinion about who’s a good citizen, and who’s not.

So many unexpected things saved the world since 2020

When freedom calls, you stick your neck out

Sorry, you are rate limited

While they’re trying to cancel Joe Rogan, here’s how to defend someone’s free expression

It takes a LOT to make lions herd together

When the new normal is normal it’s also invisible

A populace lacking appreciation of civil liberties is a bomb waiting to go off

Did the Great Covid Moral Panic shake up the traditional constituencies?

Treat the experts as if they believe the Earth is the center of the universe

The Colour Revolution Is Nigh

My letter to the coffee shop that wouldn’t give me my paid-for coffee because of no mask

Face masks destroy evolution’s most important gift to society

The Galileo of Biology and the Teeming Human Animals Around Us

If a kid says you're ugly, you're ugly.

Totalitarian kids say the darnedest things

Banishment, concentration camps, and imprisonment for voices against vaccinations is the new cool

Mattias Desmet is right THAT it’s a mass formation delusion, but not about WHY

Here is my RCT on women with and without head scarves

EXPRESSLY HUMAN -- My New Book is Done

Censorship and gang culture

Why do those in the Covid Cult sound like this?

Masks don’t work until they do I mean don’t

“We’re totally not in a mass hysteria and, you know what, The Science™ says that’s not even a thing”

Does Mass Formation Mean We’re to Blame?

Stop comparing lockdown deaths to Covid deaths

Covid-Tipped Bullets

Revealing thread from CNN’s Chris Cillizza wondering why we’re treating those with Covid as if they have cooties

The many less obvious facets of face masks

Folks in a mass hysteria are not crazy

On Mass Delusion, Kim Iverson Gets It

The Great Twitter Emigration

F*** You Twitter, I’m out

Understanding social force

May this year be 2019