Many of you came to know me — Mark Changizi — through my efforts to push back on the rise of Covid authoritarianism and medical tyranny (especially on Twitter and YouTube), with a special focus on trying to understand mass hysteria from a 21st century emergent-complex-phenomena perspective (especially at FreeX).

But I’m more than a freedom fighter. I’m mainly a scientist, and you can learn more about my research at

And, even rarer than being a scientist, I’m an independent scientist. I’ve been a researcher or professor at George Mason University (physics), University College Cork (computer science), Duke University (neuroscience), Caltech (theoretical neurobiology), and RPI (cognitive science), but in 2010 I left regular academia to start my own research institute, I thereby became tremendously more intellectually free.

And, as it turned out, that eventually surely gave me some extra “power” at speaking my mind when Covid authoritarianism got rolling a decade later.

It also means that I don’t take a university salary, and I accordingly appreciate the support of those who have come to value my viewpoint.

So, although the content is free (although sometimes delayed relative to members), your support is much appreciated. A subscription will set you back $7 per month (although it’s more affordable to buy a one year subscription).

There is also a Founding Member subscription for those who are interested in a higher level of support. For even more significant donations, consider doing so at my Free Expression Institute.

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