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The trillions of conspiracies in a collective hysteria

48 Science Moment episodes on the many important psychological issues concerning face masks that no other cognitive scientist talked about

Give your dad the gift of emotion perception

Impact statements for new construction, but not for violating civil liberties en masse

Covid shifted the debate from Left vs Right to Authoritarian vs Freedom, and Robert Kennedy Jr. is on the side of freedom

If the State stops censoring my speech, but my previous speech is still censored, are they still censoring me?

The year science lost all sense of proportion

What people think societal level evil looks like, compared to what it really looks like

Mandy Cohen, nominee for CDC Director, showing reflex authoritarianism and lack of principles

Devastating thread on the censorial bones of the federal government

You’re never going to find the mustache-twiddling evil-doers you’re looking for

The origins of my usual social media profile image

🚨 Former Surgeon General informs me that both sides “are responsible for deaths,” and we all must just honestly reassess

Using Ouija Boards to illustrate the fallacies in understanding the great Covid debacle

They’re coming after free expression, but we at are fighting back

Not only are there varieties of known and unknown harms, but the more vaccines taken, the more you get Covid

Social narratives have blockchain-like properties, making them difficult to overturn

Happy Memorial Day to everyone but NOT to all those who undermined the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers by violating civil liberties en masse

Do no harm. …unless it’s invasive ventilation to stop the spread of cooties, of course

It was never about science, much less The Science

🚨 BREAKING: Here’s What Happened to Flu

It’s important that we remind the world the degree to which human liberties were violated and the forces of totalitarianism let loose

WOD of the Day

My appearance on the Pod Dam Podcast

Government public health experts worldwide were so amazing that every last one of them began their Covid interventions just BEFORE the spike in excess deaths

"Mark Changizi: Pushing the Boundaries of Perception," an interview with Jahandad Memarian

Our interventions worked and if they didn’t it’s because we didn’t do them but instead did your policy

Marin Miletić MP from Croatia talks about Covid tyranny and the prejudice against the unvaccinated

Six widely diverse books

Emotionally expressive disagreements are the atoms of both the free market economy and social movements

How did the science on masks change overnight?

Who Rules Us? -- Guest piece by Dave Wiebe

Two hurdles in understanding how those in collective hysteria can be culpable

‼️THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON: Civil liberties don’t depend upon data

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch lays into the unprecedented civil liberties violations during Covid

It's conspiracies all the way down

City highway networks and brain wiring follow similar laws, yet both designed without a master planner

Zero Covid deaths for two years in Scotland among 450,000 medical personnel, teachers, shop workers, or police officers

Most libertarians were wrong about censorship, masks, and vaccine discrimination from private companies

It’s a tautology that sociopolitical movements have good intent

Professor Mark Maslin, climate scientist, was proudly meeting with Twitter execs to help them censor voices (the “bad actors”) opposed to him (a “good actor”)

Doing Nothing Would Have Been Far Preferable

Covid authoritarians intentionally broke free expression, and deserve disproportionate reputation loss

Mainstream media finally covering the pandemic of iatrogenic deaths

Artificial intelligence simultaneously broke through both the liberal arts and the nerd world

The positive feedback loop between perceived emergencies and civil liberties violations


The Precautionary Principle’s cousin, the Culpability Principle

Top-down, bottom-up: Neither are what collective hysteria is about

Yes, the Covidians were a death cult

May I speak to whichever of you starlings is in charge

The pedagogy behind my Science Moment Show

How could a doctor possibly hope to perceptually identify a patient’s signs of disease via a cyber meeting?!!

That people would have locked down organically misses the bigger point

The Science Moment is best viewed as a binge-watchable playlist

In Expressly Human we take up what coercion even means for social animals

Some early thoughts on musical chord progressions and human emotions

Most people wouldn’t recognize the arrival of tyranny

So many people who call themselves “agnostic” really are atheists, but just don’t realize

Aloof and decentralization are opposite sides of the same coin

Yes, Covid totalitarian forces are reminiscent of the Holocaust, and that’s the whole point to remembering the Holocaust

Four Moments on ChatGPT, put in a Playlist for your binge watching pleasure

UPDATE: First Amendment Case

The soft sciences are rich with deep unifying explanations, whereas not so much for the hard sciences

“But it’s totally obvious it was a Plandemic!”

My latest complaint to YouTube their censorship

Signs you just might be in a collective hysteria

Michael Tracey was an agitator for Covid interventions, and a voice of panic, but now sees himself as an anti-lockdown hero

“Why are you continuing to go on and on about the Covid interventions?! Get over it!”

How ChatGPT will revolutionize writing

I was on TNT Radio with Timothy Shea

Don't let the pre-Covid failed leaders re-assume control

Artificial intelligence is taking over the stuff we’re NOT good at

Launching LooFWIRED

The Birth of LooFWIRED

No, the Precautionary doesn’t advise pausing development of ChatGPT

Help me ratio Lord Bethell on censorship

What ChatGPT can and cannot do

Lockdowns, cyber medicine, and masks are all great ways to make sick people’s symptoms more difficult to detect

Live on Randall Bock Show… now!

Excerpts from "The Power of the Powerless" - Vaclav Havel, 1978

Might two-party political polarization have saved us?

Stuck in the morally non-contagious middle with you

Don’t follow the money

If your idea isn't a conspiracy theory in the pejorative sense, then argue that. Don't claim "conspiracy theory" doesn't mean what it means

You won’t believe what happened to my follower count when Twitter stopped censoring me!

I was on Chasing Dissent tonight…

Cities and music hold the key to what humans want, and exactly what Covid authoritarianism tried to take away

Beyond the mandates

Breaking: Masks harm!

Crimes of humanity for the vaccine programs do not depend on them having caused great harm

Evil at the societal level isn’t about bad intentions, but instead about these 12 things

Would the Covid interventions have been justified if it were super duper dangerous?

The Second Amendment is ESPECIALLY for your political opponents. …including the trans community

A story of slowly breaking free of groupthink

🎦 Changizi on “I Am John Cullen” 🎦

Collective hysteria versus being herded

ChatGPT and the Overzealous College Intern

Four videos on why civil liberties are ESPECIALLY for the emergencies

Even the Event 201 authoritarians were opposed to lockdowns

No, the Precautionary Principle does NOT conclude that ChatGPT should be paused

Not all heroes wear masks. …and demand to lock down and forcibly inject their neighbors

My only censored book is ironically on the foundations of free expression itself

A tale of censorship, directed by your government, and wanted by much of the population eager to silence their unclean opponents

Young me versus Older me

If ChatGPT is letting everyone into the Erudite Essay Club, then I'm out!

Argument styles I learned from Covid Lockdowners

Once one accepts that it’s not just top-down, loops follow

"Yes, we would all have made good Germans"

The "experts" are out again, this time with ingenious government interventions to save us from ChatGPT AI doom

Young Me versus Older Me

The first of many videos on understanding culpability in the context of mass hysteria

Three years ago: "The thing a hysterical mob fears always goes away. And they will invariably attribute that to their actions."

Carl Jung said it best nearly a century ago

People keep talking about a crisis of trust in government due to Covid. Pfft. What Covid revealed was a crisis of trust in your neighbors, workmates, friends and family

Cooties Cult: Why the Covid cult believed the suite of crazy things they did

That time Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek reviewed my book on the origins of language and music, HARNESSED

Why does it matter that I insist that it was not a Plandemic?

Help me ratio Piers Morgan

That time my Wikipedia page was hijacked to say I was responsible for an untold number of Covid deaths

The Plandemic-ers have become a righteous cult of their own

It’s worse than Woody said

Another loud voice that was for medical authoritarianism but then not

The moral of coronavirus19 will be that social contagion via social networks is more dangerous than biological contagion

Sam Harris and consensus

Lockdowns and shutdowns led to the current banking crisis

What would it be like to not be able to express emotions? You know, like when masked.

How a crystal ball shows you how the world around you is secretly curved

Covid authoritarianism motivated me to produce optical lens technology bringing us socially CLOSER

I got Musked twice in a day!

3 Year Anniversary of Covid Hysteria

Twitter followers over time reveal multiple mechanisms of censorship

This kind of bullshit times a million is totalitarianism

A combined project between Yamaha, Caltech and me on an art project, at SWSX

Women’s Day, Life’s Day, Freedom’s Day

We’re at risk of learning the wrong lesson from the last three years

Is the Department of Energy’s suggestion that “Lab Leak Most Likely” a head fake?

Blindsight is 2020

Vox article trying to re-shape history to hide its crimes

Our reply brief to the Feds in our First Amendment case

Cernovich was for medical authoritarianism at the start because of the “fog of war.”

This one thing will make you more susceptible to doing evil than anything else

Twitter finally stopped labeling me “sensitive content” after 20 months

The Culpability Principle

Primer on emotion space from Expressly Human, by Mark Changizi & Tim Barber

Twitter finally, after 20 months, stopped censoring my posts as “sensitive content”

Why are there gray areas?

Side by side evidence of Instagram censorship on masks

Was “just two weeks” perfectly appropriate?

47 episodes on mask topics few to none are talking about

Three useful Twitter threads on lockdown harms

“RCTs don’t support masks, but we use parachutes even though there are no RCTs.”

A nice way to sum up the situation today among the leaders of Team Reality

Half a dozen recent Moments on culpability in the context of mass hysteria

“I only agitated for Covid interventions because I was lied to.”

Why do opposing communities fail to engage?

The lockdowner’s double failure

“ ‘Just two weeks’ was perfectly appropriate!”

“I was lied to” is no excuse

Were our Covid tyrannical leaders and agitators “just following orders”?

A building size illusion plaguing me from my couch

How many of you had loved ones whose final months were wrecked by irrational policies? …like my grandmother?

Our greatest foe will forever and always be our human irrationality, and the powerful psycho-societal illnesses they engender

YouTube censorship more fully in swing than ever

The real reason they censor us is to protect the reputation they put at stake

You’re not in a mass hysteria. You ARE the mass hysteria

“Let’s excuse Esther Rantzen for her prejudice against the unvaccinated because she fell into a mass hysteria”

Those responsible for the mass hysteria “avalanche” are looking for scapegoats

Is the mass hysteria hypothesis “not common sense,” and a “sophisticated rationalization”?

Who is responsible for the Covid interventions?

How our opponents choose our leaders

Shall we excuse our leaders for their tyrannical Covid policies because they were lied to?

Leaders aren’t born. They’re made….via the emergent processes of free expression

The Trusted News Initiative undermines the point of free expression

“I don’t know why you guys can't figure this out,” says White House Ben Flaherty about Facebook not controlling the narrative well enough

“We have been considering our options on what to do about” your not sufficiently censorial behavior, Facebook, writes Slavitt

Matt Walsh, Ian Miles Cheong, Michael Shellenberger and so many anti-lockdown “leaders” were themselves fanning the hysteria for lockdowns and masks

Who would even WANT to be in an echo chamber?

Facebook more than eager to show they’re actively censoring Covid “misinformation” at the White House’s instruction

Did you speak out about the smoking bans 25 years ago?

“Not for nothing but last time we did this dance, it ended in an insurrection.”

Facebook groveling to collude with the Feds to censor us

“Say my name, Google!” says White House Director of Digital Strategy.

Why dictators should be uncensored on social media

I caught the birth of clouds!

Apologies: Sunday’s Spaces event is at 3pm EST

I’ll be chatting along with other anti-Lockdowner and free expression agitators tomorrow (Sunday at 3pm EST)

Make them see how authoritarian they are by your non-compliance