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The Covid Cult is not unraveling

The Nazi fervor wasn’t a top-down plot, but was a mass hysteria

Religion as a brake on mass hysteria?

Why they bizarrely believe there have been no civil rights violations

Censoring “misinformation” is like requiring that ladders only have the top rung

Just like medical authoritarianism, omicron selectively favors the vaccinated

If the vaccines were sterilizing, mandates would still be unconscionable

I was anti-mask before masks were for dorks

Look what Covid did!

I Unsuspended Twitter

“Those old timey folks were so quaint and unscientific”

“If Changizi’s invited, then I’m not coming”

A reminder that it's not about Left-Right

My appeal to Twitter

How to defend my free expression, and how not to, upon my Twitter cancellation

Email from friend who visited DC and was shunned as unclean

Might political polarization be a fire break against mass delusion?

Who were YOU when it mattered?

Cooties Drives the Covid Beliefs

Hubris & Human 3.0

Gmail censoring me

Don’t defend against censorship on the basis of your speech being true

I’m getting vaccinated because I do NOT want to get Covid again!

Fanning the flames of hatred toward the “unclean” while simultaneously shredding the bedrock principle of informed consent.

My Moment series is now also at Odysee and Rumble

Twitter is social media with Alzheimer’s

Just Being Neighborly

I just permanently suspended Twitter

Don't Let Your Religion Be the Meme of the Day

Can a Government in Mass Hysteria even BE Limited?

Many Covid Skeptics Need to Remember the Moral of the Holocaust

I am Shadow Banned at Twitter

All academics must toe the line

On avoiding groups and thinking about groupthink

Can racism help inform us about Covid hysteria?

We’ve lost Europe

Van Gogh was Mentally Sick — What’s Our Excuse?

Social contact is everything

A research institute that dares to innovate

The Unbearable Brightness

Racism as unwearable virtue signals

A Letter for When Your Friends Purge You

Resist, but don’t let it grind you to dust

What would it take for mandates to be justified?

A Letter from Australia

Why we fight, and my perceived role

Response to a friend sending along mask studies

The Attack on Free Expression