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I think part of it is also that people won't accept that they are personally responsible for playing a part in the hysteria too. And also, it's a total cop out. If the evil plans are pre-ordained, predetermined then there's no point fighting is there? There's no point striving for a better society or future for our kids. They can just keep sitting on their complacent plandemicer arses shrieking from their keyboards. Leave the real work to those of us who's brains didn't melt....

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All that you say above is true to my understanding. I have focused much of the past three years researching the how's and the who's responsible, educating myself and others about the psychological weapons that have been used against the public mind and reason to manufacture consent to totalitarianism. There is much knowledge to be gained in that pursuit, knowledge being power, empowering. The why's remain very speculative. Probably because there's more agendas intertwined than we can decipher and distinguish clearly.

Which then comes down to how do we better resist the totalitarian psychological weapons of choice regardless of the agendas too numerous to shine the "Aha" spotlight on, knowing that the rest of the rats will scatter away to hide themselves in the darkness, maybe even join in with those fingering the trapped rat?

When I first read your piece today I immediately thought of the Pogo artist and his cartoon expression, "we have met the enemy and the enemy is us," that's been popularized. I did some web searching for more information on the origins of his expression and was surprised to find many religious connections to the phrase. Catholic, Christian Biblical Psalms and publications, Jewish Torah passages and publications. And found this following passage very useful in highlighting the biggest weakness in society today that all who attain power and influence try to exploit:


"The opening line of our parashah (quoted above) raises an interesting question: Why does the Torah say “when you go out to war against your enemies”? The phrase “against your enemies” seems superfluous—armies always go to war against enemies; whom else would they go to war against? Yochanan “Jeff” Kirshblum offers an important insight in his commentary on Deuteronomy entitled Thinking Outside the Box. He suggests that the “enemies” referred to here are not the opponents on the battlefield, but rather ourselves—or more particularly, our Yezer Ha’rah (evil inclination), the tendency within us to free ourselves from God’s insistence on moral conduct regardless of the circumstances. That is the enemy with which we must do battle during times of war.

In this internal battle for the preservation of our moral compass, tradition teaches that we have two critical weapons: our compassion and our unwavering commitment to the principles of Torah that define our faith."

We are vulnerable because society today lacks faith in eternal truth and the moral compass that faith provides. I say this not as a particularly devout or pious person. But I have great respect for the truly (not opportunistically) devout and pious and the eternal wisdom that most scripture tries to convey. And have grown my relationship closer to God since 2020. As I've gained knowledge and become empowered I've learned lessons about humanity and our fallen nature that needs his guidance and grace to protect our freedom as he intends for us. He tells us we can follow his laws or we can follow man's laws, giving us free will to choose. But knowing that we will prefer his law (natural law) to the laws of fallen men (positive law). Because fallen men always have agendas that exploit other men instead of lifting all up to join them in grace; man seeks power and control. Even those men held in the highest esteem. All are fallen.

A brilliant legal philosopher and professor, Walter Berns, who understood the value of natural law shared an overarching understanding of the necessary role of morals in a free society. Memorialized in his obituary:

Washington Post, January 14, 2015


"Dr. Berns’s career, “reflects the classical view that democracy depends on the character of the citizens, so their opinions and beliefs, their personal habits and degree of self-discipline — in a word, their virtues — will matter to the prospects of democratic government.”

Dr. Berns argued against unbounded individual rights and for restrictions on pornography, which he believed eroded self-restraint.

“Those who are without shame,” he remarked, “will be unruly and unrulable; having lost the ability to restrain themselves by obeying the rules they collectively give themselves, they will have to be ruled by others.”"

We are the enemy. And when we free ourselves from God’s insistence on moral conduct regardless of the circumstances we become the enemy we believe we are fighting. I'm not one for sermons. But growing our faith and devotion to God's laws, upholding our own moral conduct even when it digresses from man's law is how we reclaim and preserve true freedom, as God intends for us. I don't believe there is any other way to protect ourselves from our failings exposed and exploited in 2020 like never before and metastasizing since. Our society's spiritual rot is what allowed the rats to seize the powers they've seized over us. And makes us vulnerable to the dangers ahead. Healing that seems to me to be the best way to treat the disease we suffer from instead of just symptoms as they appear.

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This sounds like like something Mathias Desmet would say. I'm unsubscribing

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DISCLAIMER: To be clear I don't believe this was planned but I do believe that once the virus got loose certain entities (ie persons and groups) took full advantage of it to do things they can't do except during a supposed crisis. Used it as a power grab and to make lots of money. Had the Federal government gotten away with the vaccine mandate, all legal challenges to it having failed, they would have set ta very scary precedent.

Many feel it was planned because of a number of pre-covid actions that have to be dismissed as just coincidence.

1) The Virus Gaming they did back in 2019 (I forget what it was called). Yes you can argue that it's just preparing for an actual event like war games by teh military are about always being prepared for war. What concurs people is the similarities between it and the fact that afterwards no one in position of power handled this the way it should have been handled.

2) Today's Conspiracy Theories are now becoming tomorrows news. I'm certain there are thing's that have been exposed in the last 2 years that had someone said to you 5 years ago that they weren't conspiracy theories but real you'd dismiss them.

EXAMPLE: IN 2019 someone tells you that within 3 years government agencies like public education will be promoting drag queen story time with kids and the medical industry will be promoting sexual transition for minors. Had someone told me that I'd question them too b/c it sounds impossibly ludicrous.

3) A number of wealthy and powerful people have already expressed interests in re-shaping society, talked about how we have an excess population problem that we need to address. notice I didn't say they claimed they were going to do it via any specific way only that they said something needed to be done.

There's also post covid crisis things that re-enforce the idea that this was planned. What is the US Government doing now after having lost most of it's vaccine mandates due to court challenges? It's trying to find a way so that teh WHO can step in during any decaled crisis and by-pass constitutional rights. We know that these liar's and thieves don't really believe the lies they're telling us about covid so why would they seek to give the WHO the ability to by-pass our laws and rights?

If some people are being a-holes to you (disrespectful, name calling, derogatory slurs) because you don't believe it was a plandemic then screw them. There's no reason either side should be berating the other for a differencing opinion. We should be able to support each other when we share beliefs about key items. Alex Berenson has a lot of support from people who pre-covid wouldn't have given him the time of day because he refused to tow the narrative. He's still just as out there about non-covid issues as he was before but people who highly disagree with him about everything else still support him in his fight against the covid vaccine narrative.

It is however time to stop following the pre-covid status quo of believing that something's not possible because we don't want to believe any person or group of people are that nefarious. I doubt even you would say there's not a corruption issue within most nations national level government.

Klaus Schwab has openly bragged about wanting to Reset society and he's bragged about having infiltrated national level cabinets to influence the leaders. If you had that level of power and influence are you saying you wouldn't be tempted to use it to make things better as you see fit? I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to use that to make the world a better place. The problem is that those with that power and influence see "better" in a very different light than us peasants do.

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So help us out - how many groups of people are there, in broad strokes? The group A who did have more/most influence and control such as leaders of govt and churches and other institutions private and public that sought their own ends above the moral right. Then group B who went along despite violating others liberties. Then group C who realized to go along would cause harm or violate such liberties and thus refused? Or does B and C merge such that only 2 groups? Or more groups than this?

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