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Yes indeed, there were a few of us who stayed with actual non politicised science from the outset. NO to:

-Mask mandates


-Covid zero

YES to:

-Civil liberties

-Bodily autonomy

-Free speech.

For your list to be beautifully honest... you should indicate which ones have renounced their past folly, and which ones have not. Honestly, I only just started following James Melville.

What people say three years late is not nothing,


What people said at the outset is the most important.

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Communities, Mark. They destroyed our communities - family, church, neighborhoods.

The divisions are real and dire.

I lost much of my family because I would not bend.

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I'm so glad to be part of team "Right All Along" when it comes to COVID. I thought the two weeks to slow the spread idea was stupid and dangerous. I remember telling my wife that there was no way they would stop the bullshit after two weeks, it being an election year and all. By the end of those two weeks, when NOTHING happened outside of New York, I was loudly anti any and all COVID measures.

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Tucker was one of them too, as he urged Trump to take the virus seriously.


Tucker was awful early in the pandemic, I had to shut him off for a few weeks, if it wasn't a couple of months.

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This is a great post, thank you.

Matt Walsh's "eldery are important too" is *quite* different than Randi Weingartens "Shut down schools until teachers get a raise". I will call out Matt Walsh as being wrong but its ok to be wrong.

Being wrong or duped by an expert isn't evil. What's the fundamental evil or fundamental mistake that distinguishes someone who trusted the scientist in March '20 versus the Governor who refused to see facts in March '21? There's clearly a difference.

Heck, lots of us who are subscribing to you now were probably scared of covid at *some* point in the first half of 2020 and though "Hmm, maybe lockdowns are right?". It takes time and thought to figure things out.

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Add Ben "my wife is a doctor" Shapiro to the list. Ugh. Honestly, I had no idea about Matt Walsh's initial response. I am surprised because he has been fearless on the trans issue. Fear really clouds judgment.

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I "get" that we don't want to (and shouldn't) forget. But these people are on "our side" now! I agree with the 'leaders' now, NOT being the same leaders who got us into this, but it was a huge "whole of government" push, and hopefully they are chastened and know better now. Some of the most effective people (sometimes) are the ones who have had their mind changed. (Saul into Paul, I think that I have that 'right')

But no, we NEVER forget the people who did this to us. And the planning!! Very detailed and complete. Just the number of people who died because they never heard (and doctors wouldn't prescribe and pharmacies wouldn't honor prescriptions) about early treatment.!!! Those people should be very seriously considered for criminal prosecution. And the government can prosecute (as Trump shows us) anybody for anything. Innocence is not a defense. So I'm sure Fauci broke LOTS of laws.

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Elon Musk's response to Shellenberger was perfect regarding misallocation of resources. It pleases me to see Musk was not duped.

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James Melville has gone further, and joined the WEF screechers, it's all planned and the fault of Klaus Schwabb...like Bernie Spofforth who should also be on your list (her company is still flogging kids and adult face masks). Neither has acknowledged their wrong think. Ben Irvine challenged both on twitter, for his sins....

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Ian Michael Chong is a grifter. Always has been, always will be. He’s stolen so much from so many.

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