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I think it will in a superficial way just like ChatGPT does all your programming and story building for you...it does...but there are...problems. And it forgets. And it's not perfect. It does something in a controlled and quick way that is impressive for sure, it will certainly be able to have an effect... but we have entire schools on socioemotional intelligence and even we have to have crisis centers to deal with the oopsies. If AI is trained to do this task, even if it has unlimited memory and unlimited processing and was technologically perfect in all other ways (it's not), the source it is trained on is insufficient. It would, at the very least, need to experiment on us and take notes over a long period of time. And who knows what kind of damage will be done at that point... maybe it will create a whole new religious ideology that everyone follows but it turns out to be a bloody dead end?

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