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The current education model isn't set up to teach people how to engage with ideas and communities that are different than our own. The educational system teaches test taking. Right and wrong answers. No learning environment like portrayed in movies like The Paper Chase, Dead Poet's Society, etc. There's nothing to stimulate intellectual curiosity, exploration. Only rote memorization of a "right way" to think.

The Socratic method. Absent an educational system that values discourse, understanding the other side of a contentious issue I don't see how societal-wide engagement can happen. Minds are already closed and conditioned to self-righteousness by the time kids become adults.

Whitney Houston was right, the Children are our Future. It's most of our generation's fault for not being an active part of the system of education our children have been subjected to for at least two generations since objective test taking became the academic model instead of subjective Socratic discourse. It's the long game our adversaries have been playing. I don't see a quick winning solution.

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