Did you hear about the immunity passports for COVID they're doing in Europe? When will the hysteria end?

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Dr. Changizi - usually follow your substack releases, as you make insightful, original points about many parts of the CV phase. On this point, why is it important to realize there was coordination, although without a central planner?

also, you mentioned the beam of wood connecting the out of sync bobbing items -- isn't the beam the central planner that provides the common instruction? ie, for this point, although there may not have been a central planner per se, weren't there still in many cases a common thread that somehow provided the point on the horizon (the compass goal) that the disparate groups used to align themselves, at least on the main/high level direction?

as an illustration, think back to when Trump was Pres - the red/blue states (vis a vis their Governors) acted quite differently in regard to the Federal Gov't interaction/involvement compared to when Biden was Pres; even individuals who condemned the vax when under Trump's direction were fans under Biden's.

guess my Q is, isn't there a dog whistle so to speak of some type of common purpose or goal, that although no actual central planner does provide the common direction; the aligned purpose?

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Many with common goals were spring loaded to act. Those with authoritarian mindsets were spring loaded to push for them. That’s TOTALLY different than it being all planned in advance.

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