Even Trump didn't want to take drastic measures. People blamed him for being "too slow" and I remember him saying something about stopping that 2-weeks-to-slow-the-curve thing in time for Easter. The left hated him for it. The democrats were clamoring for their states to "do something" more. It's the people who were pushing the governments to "do something." Yes, the media pushed the fear-porn on them. But the media is made up of people who may have been afraid also. And we know the media thinks the noble lie is good (obviously it's not).

But the media isn't to blame. People who listen to the media and got caught up in it are. People's fear is what allowed the media to continue on. People wouldn't have clicked or watched the media if they didn't care. And if the people stopped caring the media would stop talking about it. People shouldn't have cared so much.

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Actually, the media has never had less of an effect on the public. However, social media and legacy media, gave our ‘leadership’ cover to do what they did. The fake Twitter experts and the fake Twitter accounts were reported by the legacy media in this circle jerk of collusion to present ‘science,’ has doomed us all. Whether premeditated or improvised as events presented themselves, there has been a plan to all of this.

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I don't remember any " hysterical populace demanding lockdowns".

I do remember opportunistic politicians - Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Murphy, Fauci, etc. - dictating lockdowns to unwilling populaces. I do remember these petty tyrants being abetted by irresponsible yellow journalists in both new and old media.

I agree that all the sheep are culpable, and especially those who contributed most to the foolishness and destruction. But Andrew Cuomo was no sheep when he issued executive orders turning his State's nursing homes into killing fields. And he certainly did not believe he was "helping" when he cynically covered up his crimes. His motivation, like many others, was political gain, not "helping".

There are sheep and there are wolves. Always. In this case, the wolves were opportunistic self-promoters, rather than evil genius planners. But they were and are wolves nonetheless. And they knew they were not "helping".

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Mark, If you (for whatever reason) had acquired the sum of money that billionaires like Musk, Gates & Soros have are you trying to say you would not use that money to try and make the world a better place but would instead just sit back and enjoy your wealth? Of course you wouldn’t and neither would most. Most of us and especially you would use that wealth to try and improve our world. I can easily see you promoting better dieting and exercise in nations where these are in short supply. I could easily see you funding scientific research to bring farming to areas where currently nothing grows. You KNOW that you would use some of your wealth to try and make a better tomorrow for others so why is it hard to believe those who do have this level of wealth and power and who have said hey plan to change the world are not doing just that?

I believe where things are difficult for you to accept with the global governance cabal conspiracy is that you’ve convinced yourself that the cabal is made up of cartoonish mustache twirling James Bond level villains. Who wouldn’t dismiss something like this? The conspiracy is that there are a group of wealthy & powerful people who seek to change the world into one where they have absolute rule over the rest of us. China already operates like this, the CCCP is the absolute authority over Chinese citizens so it’s not as if this type of governance could never exist or work.

For over a century a number of entities ( royal families, wealthy industrialists, national leaders ) have been working covertly to change the world into what they perceive to be a better tomorrow. They’re not cartoonish Bond like villains although Klaus Schwab looks and acts like a bond villain. What they are is very wealthy and powerful people who believe that a better tomorrow is one where they are in charge in a global level Chinese like governance. I don’t see why that is so hard to believe especially considering how many conspiracy theories have become conspiracy facts over the last few years as these same people have exposed themselves. They public announce their plans like the World Economic Forums Great Reset and yet you say its conspiracy theory. Why do you think it’s non-sense to believe a group of rich and powerful people who have publicly said they want to change society are going to do just that?

Stop perceiving this conspiracy as being a group of cartoonish villains and see it for what it is, a group of entities that share a common desire to change the world and whom have the resources to make changes.

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Nothing I would disagree with UNLES you claim they purposely engineered a collective hysteria. OF COURSE there are hosts of real conspiracies out there, that I have been on the forefront fighting.

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