How do you explain the complete shutdown of preventative treatment like Hydrochloriquine and Ivermectin?

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Let's also study the human propensity to deny conspiracies, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, such as:

Gain of function research, much of that in 36 labs in the Ukraine,

Twitter Files exposure of Biden Admin / Twitter collusion to censor dissenting arguments and inconvenient facts,

Pfizer / FDA documents that they requested in court to be hidden for 75 years.

Just a few glaring examples of undeniable facts and events that conspiracy deniers have gone to lengths to explain away as 'well, there's no such thing as conspiracies.'

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Dear Heavily Vaccinated,

I Have Never Felt So Smart

(And So Much Smarter)

Than Everyone Else Around Me

Since …………… Yesterday.

But In All Seriousness,

I Have Never Felt

So Rewarded Either.


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