I feel an urge to kick the PM whenever she says "an abundance of caution".

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Doing nothing was never an option for those in power. They knew there was no way to prove any proposed measures would work so urgency and fear was used to by-pass normally procedures of proof. Covid was soooooo dangerous we didn't have time to think about whether or not if what was being proposed would be worse than doing nothing or at least that's how the marketing went. Covid was marketed to the public because on its own it would not have created the level of fear and panic needed.

Doing nothing was never an option because doing nothing does not create a situation that is needed for the advancement of power & control. Had we done nothing about covid, lived life like we had been before covid, there would not have been enough fear amongst the population to get enough support for the successive actions they took such as the vaccine mandate. A vaccine mandate was always a part of the plan but only after everyone who was willing to take it voluntarily had done so. Had they come out mandating it from the start there would have been pushback from some who voluntarily took it. It really was a very ingenious plan and it would have worked had covid been more lethal. In the end it was covids inability to live up to the lethality they needed and marketed it as that caused their plan to fail. It wasn't a complete fail because the pharmaceutical giants completed a global wide test of a gene therapy drug providing large amounts of data to review and making money while doing it as opposed to paying the high price tag that would normally come with testing something new. Governments were able to implement some of the needed check point & tracking systems that are required for a full on Authoritarian Police state like in China. IN some places these systems, called vaccine passport, are still in use and outside of teh US may never be shut off again.

Within the US and some other nations abroad there's to much resistance currently to push a vaccine passport so those in power are trying to sneak it in via the World Health organization. The WHO is currently seeking powers that will require all UN member nations to abide if the WHO declares a vaccine passport and mandatory vaccine are required. Should they get it then depending on who is in control of DC Americans will find themselves forced to comply. Should this happen I believe that will be the final straw that leads to 1 or more states within the US succeeding and reforming as a new non-UN nation. Should that happen the US will be in position to stop it due to the self destruction it has brought on the US military with Biden's wrong think purge and embracing of woke ideas in the military.

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