It's about taking responsibility for your actions . . no matter what they were. I was & still am traumatised by the "medical-facists" who wanted us rounded up & forcibly vaccinated, imprisoned, denied medical treatment, denied a living, denied food. I will never forgive or forget.

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Agree. All these people went along for selfish reasons.

If me, a peon knew facts, all these nefarious harridans knew also.

They have more resources at their fingertips.

No, no gee bummer.

No, you’re fired.

No you caused deaths, perhaps not pulling the trigger, but fear and loathing shoved people, too weak to say no.

All involved must be prosecuted. Period.

Never Again!?

Well the only way that happens, is not to pull a Bush sr and rescue the Nazis.



Brought to us by Pfizer….

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I'm not in a forgiving mood for that time in my life where I had a psychologist tell me he didn't need to see any studies about why I didn't want to take the jab, he would help me get to the point where I felt comfortable taking it. Nope...never went back. Just a very dark time for those of us lay-people trying to have it make sense... why was having natural immunity now bad? Why can't I travel? That woman can kiss her own ass and stay away from me.

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I agree with you

Malhotra making excuses for Esther Rantzen to excuse himself, “even I was fooled” no Dr Malhotra you of all people along with Esther Rantzen should have known and done your research before pushing these so called vaccines on the TV

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My own two cents on human nature is that we are all much more responsible and much more fallible than we realise. That's the game. Part of the fallibility is we are complicated and we also lie to ourselves.

So, after seeing a person on TV talking and failing ethics 101, I can ask myself, gee what would it take for me to end up behaving just like that? I think it was Jordan Peterson who claims only 1 in a 1000 has a spine.

The propaganda was that half a million would die in the UK. With that level of threat, yeah people start seeing all the unjabbed as selfish murders.

If we walk away from this thinking that we just have to fire the people who fell for the propaganda then we aren't really dealing with the propaganda problem. But how to deal with propaganda, really?

Protests outside PR firms?

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Does decades long chain smoker Mrs Rantzen believe she should be left at home to die?

After all, it was her choice.

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This may be part of their multi-prong effort to redirect blame for their actions to someone so cartoonish that he becomes nearly impossible to believe as a possible puppet master. We've already seen efforts by them trying to play the "Let's just move on" card which IMHO failed.

What we do know is that Schwab's WEF organization has penetrated nations cabinet seats (he brags about this) and that it is pro vaccine even as of today and that it's trying to assist the WHO with getting special powers over sovereign nations when a health emergency is declared. What better why to hide (or cause people to doubt one's involvement/accountability) then to act as much like a James Bond villain as is possible? After all who is going to be believe this cartoon like character is capable of anything like leading an attempt to reset every nations society? Personally I think it's genius move. It's like the smart guy playing dumb so no one in teh room is wise to his intent.

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This is correct of course but there are actually a litany of evils that existed long before covid that a vast majority accept.

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