I don't believe most who do believe their is a conspiracy believe that there is a singular master planner but more of a group of people working together and not a small group either. Perfect example for why they believe this is the annual Bilderberg gathering which for the last 30+ years could no longer be denied (News media saying there is no such annual gathering) thanks to affordable consumer video taping equipment , later to be supplemented by smart devices. Because it's videotaped by amateur (ie non corporate controlled ) journalists we can confirm many who attend it and this consists of leaders in industry, current and former heads of states, innovators & thinkers, effectively anyone with some serious level of power , control and or influence. Some of the media attends to but they agree to not report on anything that goes on and the whole thing goes unreported for the most part in the main stream news media.

Now just think about the logistics (i.e. scheduling, planning, coordination) necessary to bring this many people of this level together just once let alone every year and get the media to not investigate it. Are you really going to say these people aren't gathering annually to coordinate things they don't want the general public to be aware of? I don't know what goes on behind those doors but I can comprehend the complexity and cost to do something like this annually and common sense tells you they're not doing this just to share stock tips, make inside deals and or make fun of the poor people as the mainstream media likes to portray the event as when forced to say something. The meeting alone isn't enough to warrant strong suspicion but the fact it's annual and has been for the most part kept out of the media since it started should be enough to cause any reasonable minded person to ask why. Bare in mind that for some of these attendees they are violating their home nations laws. There are laws in the US that are supposed to prevent certain state actors from attending something like this and yet the go anyway so it must be something very important for those people to risk violating their nations laws just to attend.

If these people or at least some subset of them (there are inside invite only meetings that also goon that not every general Bilderberg attendee is invited to ) are not meting like this annually to discuss, implement and coordinate things they do not want the general publics be aware of then what could they be doing?

Take NOTE I said nothing about planning to take over the world, only that they're planning something they don't want the general public to be aware of.

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…all the way down.

I’ve met at secret meetings trying to fight that shit. 🤷

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I'm glad to hear there are even such secret meetings amongst your kind, those in academia who haven't drank the Kool-Aid. I believe most of us who haven't taken the Kool-Aid or did but were unaffected by it or later recovered, fear that the super majority of academia are fully on board with everything from covid masks/lockdowns to the over-population theory.

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