Lol, complicated 100 arrow diagrams. Have you been spying on my companies business model

Even when it fails somehow corporate thinks the solution is adding more steps to the process

Moral panic

Mass formation

Whatever we call it it's there, thankfully it seems to be eroding on its own

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Jan 27, 2023·edited Jan 27, 2023

This is not a top-down crap. This crap has been building up for decades - as the cultural Marxists, Greens and Reds marched through every institution in the West scorching the earth as they did so. Now we have a critical mass of the entire population primed and brainwashed and the mass formation psychosis we see is an emergent phenomenon, enabled and triggered by recent advances in communication technologies, specifically social media. Of course, a big chunk of top actors in all power centers are psychopaths who are using all the means at their disposal to aquire as much power as possible, but this has not changed since the dawn of human (primate?) evolution, only the circumstances has widened the power asymmetry between these monsters in control and the ordinary people.

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Well, in March of 2020, pretty much everyone demanded civil liberties violating interventions, no matter whether Left, libertarian or Right. By May things had polarized again, but the March events pulled all sides together on authoritarianism, even those reflexively opposed to Marxism. That. Was. Scary.

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