Please stop trying to deploy logic and common sense against an approach that was intended to increase the market penetration for a specific remedy--mRNA vaccinations--that was developed by a specific set of entities, who benefitted in a specific way as an outcome, massive loot.

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By a different method, I proved that government-imposed lockdowns failed to reduce deaths from all causes, but also lockdowns were correlated with significantly higher total deaths from all causes.


That evidence was available by mid-2020. After that, there was no excuse for any more lockdowns.

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There you go again, trying to apply common sense, reason and rational thought instead of the simple knee jerk panicked over reaction 😀

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It does. Covid is ineffective in the open, it needs closed spaces. By confining people indoors the government provide covid with the best possible environment for growth/spread. If the recommendation had been for all to be outdoors as much as possible (more than we normally do) there would have been no pandemic.


I’ve said this before, covid was an unplanned opportunity. In 2019 Gates along with many in various fields and representatives from nations gamed out a global pandemic, event 201. One could argue this was done simply as a preparedness exercise. Based on their actions, what they’ve said about what they think of the planet and humans and what needs to be done I don’t see elites like Gates trying to do anything that will reduce the number of deaths or increase freedom & liberty among the masses. These people want to change society in order to save the planet from what they believe is overpopulation and this 201 gaming event is I believe them practicing what they plan to do. I do not believe that covid was a part of that. The Chinese may have deliberately leaked covid or maybe it was accidental and they tried to cove it up but either way I don’t believe covid was a part of what was planned. When covid first leaked the governments didn’t take it serious and then over night they did a 180. I believe those in charge saw covid as an opportunity to execute the plan.

When covid leaked it was an opportunity. They had already gamed out what they would do and I bet most of what was needed was lady in place and covid was simply an sooner opportunity. With a false flag it’s bets to try and have as much of the event as possible be organic, naturally occurring. Had they gone with the original plan there would also be the risk of the virus being traced back to suspicious sources/organs. With covid the Chinese would be the fall guy, the one to blame and not those executing the plan. It was a very smart move but covid ended up being not lethal enough and so the over all plan failed. Covid wasn’t killing enough people so they had to inflate death counts by changing how covid deaths were calculated from dying from covid to dying with covid. They also provided financial incentives via funeral expenses form the Feds for anyone who listed covid as the death. The feds incentivized the propagation of covid as being something far worse than it really was. Various licensing boards that control professionals abilities to practice medicine were weaponized, used to shut up any physicians who did not tow the line on covid.

In the end covid was simply not lethal enough and kept mutating into something les lethal until finally covid itself was a more effective treatment for covid than any vaccine. The plan fell apart. They bet big and lost or at least they didn’t win. They did get the physical tracking and passport systems in place in some nations and in some major cities in the US but over all it failed. This WHO treaty power grab thing is an effort to try and counter the pushback they are going to get when they try this again. Because of the failure of covid and the exposure of much of the lies and propaganda used for covid they know that a larger percent of the public at least in nations like the US are going to push back, resist. This plan will not work if the percent of the population refusing o comply is to high. They also are now facing state level pushback from state governments in the US. The only thing that can supersede Constituonal Rights & Protections is a treaty. This WHO treaty thing is the elites attempt to circumvent a nations laws and protections its citizens enjoy. In the US a Treaty requires not only the Presidents signature but 2/3rds of the US Senate must agree and that’s not happening anytime soon.

All of this raises the question of what are they really trying to do since they can’t push through a treaty with the US? My guess is this treaty angle will work for many other nations, requiring just the leader to make the treaty. As for the US and maybe other similar nations what they will do is execute something that changes the balance oof power. In the US that could be Presidential Directive 51. PD51 effectively allows the president to reset the government if a national threat has been declared. PD51 is about as unconstitional as you can get and really should not have any power but because Congress (in both parties) as well as the public has allowed presidents to abuse the power of a Presidential Directive in the past I can see Biden and the Democrats trying to push thru a PD51 like shuffling in order to change up that 2/3rd senate requirement so that he can get a treaty signed.

I know this sounds like something out of a novel but its not farfetched by any means. PD51 is a real thing, you can read all about it on Google. It was the bases for the story in the video game TOM CLANCYS THE DIVISION. If you’ve never read up about PD51 I recommend you do, its very alarming not only for what it says but because every president has signed it since it was first created by It’s not the only Presidential Directive that’s alarming but it’s probably the most alarming.

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