Fascinating stuff! Supports what you have been saying for so long. That first point seems to flow from the same wellspring as Isabel Paterson's epic quote about "most of the harm in the world..." from The God of the Machine.

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I find truth in this. So then what to do? We, those who choose to step out of the system, pay the hardship price that accompanies that decision, try to be the example we can be to others, try to educate others, then what?

As long as the system, however one imagines it is constructed, controls the primary methods of communication, culture, systems of manufacturing and distribution, the individual act, locally, in theory would need to reach a critcal mass to effect real change.

So wouldn't the number one objective become educating, even proselytizing to gain converts in order to reach that critical mass? And shouldn't some strategizing about how to do this be a thing?

Or is it just a passive thing we do, individual and local struggle until enough other people in the world around us decide it's had enough and joins us, years, decades, centuries down the road?

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