No way! Marxists and Fascists hate each other!! Antifascists hate Fascists!!! How could they be on the same side??? Authoritarianism. The Hitler-Stalin pact and it's secret protocols in this thesis paper link to a .pdf examines the history, context and contents of the pact and protocols. In it you will learn many fascinating things that the history books didn't teach about WWII. And that impact our world today.

The Hitler-Stalin pact: discussion of the Non-Aggression Treaty and the secret protocols

January, 1992


"There was a natural link. Economically speaking both states were closer structurally than they were to the capitalist countries. Ribbentrop noted in particular that both countries were, in fact, hostile to "capitalistic western democracies." Germany had economic four year plans. The Soviet Union had five year plans. Both maintained direct party and state control over the economic direction of their respective states. Germany still had private enterprise but the Nazi policy of GleichschaltunIg ensured the primacy of the state in economic matters."

"And five days after Hitler's change of heart Schnurre met with Astakhov and Babarin in the Berlin Restaurant Ewest. They had a very extensive exchange of views that included the expression of a common opposition to the capitalist democracies. It was now openly stated that a rapprochement between the two countries corresponded with the vital interests of both."

"Ribbentrop pointed out something which Stalin had stated in his March speech. Both considered the democratic and capitalist states as their respective enemies. "

Stalin on the first proposed press release: "Don't you think that we have to pay a little more attention to public opinion in our countries? For many years now we have been pouring buckets of slop over each other's heads and our propaganda boys could never do enough in that direction; and now all of a sudden are we to make our peoples believe that all is forgotten and forgiven? Things don't work so fast. Public opinion in our country, and probably in Germany too, will have to be prepared slowly for the change in our relations this treaty is to bring about, and it will have to be made familiar with it.

A more modest statement was agreed to. At the end of the discussions champagne was served. Toasts to the treaty and the German people were made. Then Stalin proposed a toast to Hitler"

"Because of the results of the war and the "Manhattan Project", the United States took over the position held by Germany"

Now does Operation Paperclip where high-ranking Nazi's were given false papers and brought into the US make more sense?

Additional bonus in reading the .pdf is the information on Russia and Ukraine and Baltics that foretold the war in that part of the world today that is being blamed for record inflation and food, energy shortages. Reading history informs the present. More than most could imagine. It's why we must learn history, lest we be doomed to repeat it. Authoritarians read history for a different lesson, lest they fail to subjugate us again.

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Exactly. The four quadrants / left - right perspective is wrong.

State vs. individual

Tyranny vs Freedom / autonomy.

Corruption vs u corrupt

Lies vs Facts, Virtue and Truth

The four quadrants has allowed the left to mistakenly claim that fascism is on the right and socialism/ Marxism is on the left. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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