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I found the idea of dropping food on the floor as an interesting comparison. Most people I know that would never consider eating something that fell on the floor are also the ones steeped in the hysteria. I think this reaction is burned in from parental actions and an indicator of what other childhood programming may be.

The word 'cooties' cheapens their experience, which is a good thing. A different word may convey that sentiment better but 'cooties' works. The people that fall under the spell seem to base a lot of their self-worth on what others think of them. Being made fun of seems like a path to wake them up (it seems I have seen/heard you mention something like this before)

Off topic, I have enjoyed your ideas about the 'evil' ones operating from inside the delusion. It does 'feel' like there are puppet masters, but I have been trying rethink that one a bit more objectively. So, thanks for that!

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Fantastic analysis. I love the reference to "cooties" since so much of the COVID Dumpster Fire policy actions have relied upon, shall we say, well-developed, yet often erroneous, knee-jerk fear responses. That lizard brain is great when you are hunting and gathering. It is not so great for establishing public health policy! And yet, here we are.

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Our Prime Minister is propagating all of these cooties concepts in Canada. The rot of fear and psychosis comes from the top down in this place. It goes without saying, I want out!

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You're nearly there. It was Mass Hysteria.

Where I believe you're wrong is that Covid 19 does not exist in realty.

It's a delusion based on irrational fear of viruses and the belief that the PCR is accurate.

What happened with Covid was what occurred in 2006 at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Centre.

There the medical profession went insane over an imaginary illness and the PCR was 0% accurate at being even able to identify a bacteria (Whooping Cough).

That episode is a microcosm of the Mass Hysteria set off by the PCR that occurred in early 2020 only this time on a global scale and with millions of deaths.


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Mark, you may be interested to find out how far along we are with the mathematical physics of psychology, inclusive placebo effect, cognitive dissonance, hypnosis, mass formation, the mathematical physics description of the 'switch' to wake people up, and so on.



and video of math description here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUAHmDwR4ZQ

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“You can’t clean a contaminated thing”. That’s definitely how people treat me when I tell them I had a moderately severe bout of Covid months ago. Because I find the whole psych phenomena so interesting I’ve used my Covid experience to entertain myself.

When I tell people I had Covid, many step back. However, if I say my Covid was a breakthrough after double Moderna, I seem less scary. If I say I was not vaxxed but now am positive for natural antibodies, they still step away. Definitely unsure of my cleanliness.

Not everyone, of course, but enough to notice.

It will be interesting to watch if double vaccinations + booster makes Omicron cootie catchers less unclean.

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Maybe I’m not scared of Covid because our family used the “4 second rule” when we dropped food on the floor. If you picked it up right away (and preferably blew on it), it was fine to eat.

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Sounds plausible, but if that were the full explanation, Fauci and henchmen wouldn't have to keep quashing so many scientists, doctors, studies, drugs, and treatment regimens. No, there's something diabolical going on here in addition to humans being humans.

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Well-said, Mark.

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I agree with you on everything else in the post, but long covid does sometimes happen after infection, as with other post viral syndromes such as those from malaria or a bad bout of flu and so on. Of course it is not inevitable that the majority get long covid, but it does happen. There is a paper that concluded low iron levels contribute to long covid symptoms, that tends to affect younger females. I myself still have some lingering issues after getting covid in March 2020. At that time, I didn't know about zinc ionophores or quercetin, or I would have taken those. We couldn't get HQC and there weren't really any other early treatments known or available then. We were left to fend for ourselves.

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