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I'm new to your feed. I'm loving your takes. You take a slant that some consider "alt-centre" (not in all of life, but re: SCV2). You should have more interactions with Docs Vinay Prasad, John Ioannidis, Marty Makary, etc.

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This is absolutely true. There is zero doubt this is exactly how it happened in Canada. I was following the SCV2 news since December 2019 in Canada, whereas most Canadians only started following the SCV2 news in early March. There were so many fake videos of people "falling dead on the street" and Canadians believed this!!!!!!!!!!

In early March a feminist friend asked: "what's your degree of fear of SCV2?" Her answer was 90%, mine was 7%. And I saw nearly all my feminist friends jump onto the fear bandwagon, even though early data pointed to men being more at risk overall of SCV2 then women. (Even though in time this evened out). My friends completely swallowed the "we're all at risk" when it was painfully obvious even in February 2020 that we were NOT "all" at risk. This virus takes aim squarely a the 80s leaves youth statistically untouched, in the big picture.

Canadians (leftists, centrists, conservatives) ALL demanded safetyism from government. This is the state of Canadian identity. We have become a nation of safetyists and "fountain-of-youth-ers" who would sacrifice ALL of living in order to securely live past 100.

My country mates are deeply disturbing to me, I wish I could migrate.

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I think your take is far too simplistic. What you leave out is that the top down initially set the population into panic via media which then led the people to demand something be done and then the top down - not the people - offered the solution of lockdowns. Leaders all around the world chose to create hysteria which is out of character as often leaders will offer reassurance during times of crises. The covid-19 events actually follow the Hegelian Dialectic. The state or oligarchy (and in this case since states worked basically in unison one might arguably call it a superstate) has an agenda to centralize power. The superstate frightens the masses via some event either real or imagined. The masses demand solutions even if at the cost of their liberty. The superstate provides the solution and by doing so increases their power:


By the way, lockdowns were in some of the pandemic simulations which started in the nineties and feature the usual cast of characters:


The lockdown idea came from top down during the Bush Jr era . The idea was brought up during Avian flu back in 2006 but was intensely opposed, most notably by D. A. Henderson:


As far as Wuhan, much of what took place there was likely propaganda which must have been orchestrated from the top down. I wouldn't rely on what took place there to illustrate anything except that it acted somewhat as a stage for the world to believe that lockdowns can work and thus, make people more willing to go along with the insane idea. Lockdowns had the effect of making people believe that covid-19 was uniquely frightening. Masks served to constantly remind people that there was something in the very air that threatened them. Now if your end goal was to get vaccines into as many arms as possible as many state actors have said or to introduce vaccine passports as has been done, then lockdowns and masks played key roles in the willingness of people to accept a novel vaccine, especially when that vaccine was tied to the sudden ability of those same states to grant freedoms in a way they didn't have the power to before.

Note that health passes were in the works before covid and oddly, by the same players:


The CommonPass system, backed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), is designed to create a common international standard for passengers to demonstrate they do not have coronavirus.

However, critics of similar schemes point to concerns over the sensitivity and specificity of the tests in various countries amid fears over greater monitoring over people’s movements.

Paul Meyer, the CEO at the Commons Project, which was given startup funding by the Rockefeller Foundation two years ago and created the digital health pass, said countries that have closed borders and imposed quarantines are looking for ways to “thoughtfully reopen” their borders.

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